The purpose of this site is to provide curated, peer-reviewed and reliable advice about technology, which will deliver in a range of geographies, topographies, and climates and enable businesses and destinations to determine which technologies are most suitable in their locale.

Geography, topography, climate and culture determine the context in which decisions about which technologies and products will deliver net benefits, environmental, economic and social. This website is designed to assist decision-making by providing a curated list of potential solutions, advice on factors to consider in making decisions between technologies, ‘key questions to ask’ suppliers and how to determine what the technology will deliver for a business in a particular place (geography, topology, & weather: sunlight and ambient temperatures.

The list below is the index of the technologies currently on the site The list will grow, and the advice on each technology will grow as more detail is contributed by experts and practitioners.

>GEARS - Geologically Engineered Aquifer Recharging System
Food Waste
> The Waste Transformers: On-Site Food Waste Valorization
Harnessing Technology for Social Impact
>Plastic Waste Converted to Tuition Fees
Hydro Power
Natural Cooling of Buildings
> Conical Clay Tile Vaulted Roof
> EPS Panels – Expanded Polystyrene Panels
> Radiant Cooling Technology
Plastic Waste
> Dunia Designs: Crafting Sustainable Elegance from Plastic Waste, Sequestrating Plastics
Sewage & Black Water
>Blackwater Treatment
> PVT - Photovoltaic-Thermal Panels