About Us

For some ten years, Harold Goodwin of the Responsible Tourism Partnership sought a partner with whom to build this website, aware of the need but with the skills and knowledge to meet the need for objective, reliable advice and to provide the questions to ask before committing resources. In 2022 Harold met Faizal E. Kottikollon of the Faizal and Shabana Foundation at Tulah developed by KEH Holdings “an industry agnostic company, with a journey spanning over 25 years, shaped by the mission of being different and making a difference. KEF Holdings is powered by innovation, an unshakeable disruptive spirit and an unwavering commitment to creating positive social impact for a better future.”

The Faizal and Shabana Foundation has partnered with the Responsible Tourism Partnership to create Technology for Responsible Tourism. Dr Joseph Sebastian  is a social development practitioner and expert. The Faizal and Shabana Foundation has employed Dr. Teena Chauhan to develop the site. Dr Chauhan is passionate about advancing our knowledge of Earth's climatic history, with a strong commitment to promoting environmental sustainability for the betterment of humanity. Alongside her research endeavours, she actively engages in content writing, with a specific focus on accessible technologies that combat climate change, with a goal of raising public awareness about our responsibility to preserve Earth’s sustainability for ourselves and future generations.

We aspire to provide reliable, accurate, curated learning materials to assist businesses in using green technology to reduce negative and increase the positive impacts of their business and to enhance their resilience and sustainability in the face of climate change and other challenges.

While businesses which are large enough to employ technical experts and engineers are able to make informed decisions about new technologies, whether at build or in retrofitting existing businesses, many smaller businesses are not, too often, businesses have invested and continue to invest in technology that does not deliver.