How can you help?

Given the range of technologies we intend to cover and the fact that this is a not-for-profit website, we are very reliant on the pro bono support of scientists, experts and practitioners to populate the site and develop a curated list of potential solutions.

Our ambition is to encourage more and more businesses to adopt green technologies to spread best practices and to help people form purchasing technology which will not deliver for them. We think that contributing to our site will also increase your exposure and bring recognition, enquiries and potential business.

For each we need

  • advice on factors to consider in making decisions between technologies,
  • ‘key questions to ask’ suppliers and
  •  how to determine what the technology will deliver for a business in a particular place (geography, topology, weather: sunlight and ambient temperatures 

We shall also list sites and publications where reliable advice can be found. Suggestions welcome.

We would be pleased to acknowledge your contribution on our website or if you prefer it can be anonymous.
Please use the contact form to send us information for publication about green technologies.

  • Name of the Technology
  • A short description of the technology and the benefits of using it
  • Uses and its benefits over existing and traditional technology in the market, existing
    customers or users
  • Approximate Cost (if relevant/applicable)
  • Key questions to ask a supplier - known problems/challenges
  • Testimonials/Videos/Pics
  • Relevant Contact details – Name, Address, Email and Phone number. Website address

You can find examples of pages about particular technologies on our Home page - which has a list of all the technologies so far covered on the site. We also welcome comments and critiques of existing pages - we all need constructive criticism to improve.

Please send content - words & pictures - to