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The Public Launch

The website is now live, launched at WTM London during the Responsible Tourism programme on Tuesday 7th The session explored the importance of Technology in Responsible Tourism and enables businesses and destinations to make better-informed decisions to promote sustainability and minimise negative impacts on the environment. This was the public launch of this new website […]

Radiant Cooling Technology – A Sustainable Building Solution

In regions with tropical climates, a building's air conditioning and ventilation can be responsible for over 50% of its total energy usage. As the demand for cooling continues to climb—spurred by economic growth in developing nations and intensified by climate change—it's essential we pivot to more eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling methods. One such solution that […]

On the Horizon - Bacteria Eating Plastic

"Current methods of breaking down or recycling plastics are woefully inadequate. The vast majority of plastic recycling involves a crushing and grinding stage, which frays and snaps the fibres that make up plastic, leaving them in a lower-quality state. While a glass or aluminium container can be melted down and reformed an unlimited number of […]

Microbes eating plastics

Gambia: The Queen of Recycling

Isatou Ceesay is a Gambian social entrepreneur who, through the One Plastic Bag in the Gambia which she founded has removed waste plastic from the environment and created livelihoods. “Isatou’s sister had taught her how to crochet, and this gave her an idea for how to upcycle the plastic bags that were causing so many […]

How you can help

Given the range of technologies we intend to cover and the fact that this is a not-for-profit website, we are very reliant on the pro bono support of scientists, experts and practitioners to populate the site and develop a curated list of potential solutions. For each we need We shall also list sites and publications […]

Technology for Responsible Tourism (TRT)

The promotion of sustainable tourism has become a global priority, It can assist businesses and destinations in becoming more resilient and sustainable. However, it is crucial to understand that the use of technology is a social process, and culture plays a vital role in this. The geography, topography, and climate of a destination determine which […]