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Published: November 9, 2023

The Public Launch

The website is now live, launched at WTM London during the Responsible Tourism programme on Tuesday 7th

The session explored the importance of Technology in Responsible Tourism and enables businesses and destinations to make better-informed decisions to promote sustainability and minimise negative impacts on the environment. This was the public launch of this new website designed to provide curated and reliable advice on traditional and advanced technologies that minimise negative impacts and maximise social, economic and environmental ones.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO and Claire Whitely Head of Environment at the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, and Harold Goodwin of the Responsible Tourism Partnership launched the website. Glenn spoke of the value of our initiative and encouraged people to use and contribute to it.

Green technology has the capacity to reduce negative environmental impacts and reduce costs, as well as create social and economic benefits for local communities. For example, a hotel located on a beach or alongside a watercourse that chooses to pick plastic from the beach or forest or net a watercourse to collect waste plastic and prevent it from entering the gyros of plastic in our oceans makes a significant contribution to reducing pollution and prevents it being ground into microplastics and entering the food chain. If the waste plastic can be sequestered and turned into useful products, social and economic value can be created from waste. Waste plastic can be upcycled to make school furniture and for a wide range of other uses, see, for example, the list here. Economic value is created through employment in upcycling.

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